Between December 2022 and January 2023 I took care of the complete revamp of the website Not Only Motorsports.
Not Only Motorsport is a mechanic training academy and racing team based in Vignate in the province of Milan. Defining it solely as a mechanical training academy is an understatement: the team has over 35 years of experience in the sector and in addition to training courses, offers "Race Services" or offers owners of racing cars, GT, Formula and Super Cars roads, the track assistance service for competitions and Track Days.
Not Only Motorsport is also a world champion racing team (NASCAR WHELEN EURO SERIES EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP in 2020).


The mission of the new site included a complete overhaul of many sections:

  • Redefining navigation architecture by dividing courses into 4 macro-areas: automotive courses, motorsport, karting and electric cars
  • Redesign the navigation menu as some items had too many submenus. It was necessary to intervene to give the user the possibility to reach and find the course more easily.
  • Redesign all individual course page headers with a consistent image and readable title
  • Structure the courses page with all the necessary information, a contact form and a summary section with icons


In the old version of the site, all items were grouped into one navigation bar.
As you can see from the images above, all the courses were grouped under a single first-level menu item called "Courses".
On mouse hover a second menu opened and on the next mouse hover a third menu opened.
Too many interactions.


The first job, necessary to give a hierarchy to the menu items, was to divide the navigation of the site into 2 areas: in the first I entered the company information, the course calendar, the other services (race services and racing team) and contacts. In the second one I only entered the courses to allow for a better conversion.
In the new site I have divided the courses into 4 macro categories (automotive courses, motorsport courses, kart courses and the electric world) so that the user can immediately see the area of expertise of his interest.

I have also inserted a generic "Courses" item which leads to a page with a list of all the courses structured within a card (image, title, brief description and call to action)


The single course page is the most important in terms of conversion, which is why I paid particular attention.
The page can be reached from various flows: from the site's navigation bar, from the footer, from the generic "Courses" page, from social networks and above all from Google as the objective was to make the single course findable without the user must necessarily go to the homepage.


The courses page has a precise architecture that is repeated in all the course pages of the site.
First of all a hero section with image, title of the course and family of courses to which it belongs (in the case of the image "AUTOMOTIVE COURSES").
Subsequently a very exhaustive paragraph with the description of the course and with a text that almost creates a dialogue with the user; In fact, the paragraph is divided into blocks divided by a subtitle that anticipates a type of question that the user might think at the exact moment he reads the description of the course.
The questions are "Who is it for?" "What do you learn?" "How long does it last?" and other more specific ones in relation to the type of course.
Below the paragraph, a section that summarizes its content in a more visual way. In fact, I thought of summarizing the 4 most common questions with a title, a talking icon and a short paragraph


Obviously, a lead generation form could not be missing, preceded by a banner that promotes discounts and a link to the calendar page that shows when the course is available