Rentsmart24 is a car rental service born from the ParkinGO corporate ecosystem, active since 2020.
The strong point is the connection with the ParkinGO brand: the parking structure also becomes a rental facility, as there is a RentSmart24 office in all ParkinGO car parks.
The withdrawal of the car thus takes place inside the parking structures.
Once arrived at the airport, the user takes the shuttle (which is used for the parking service) and arrives at the office and collects the car comfortably.
In the image below 3 user flows.


The user can book the car in 3 ways:

  • From the homepage
  • From the homepage (by clicking on the RENTAL tab)
  • After booking a parking space on The system suggests 3 cars in relation to the destination that the user has entered during the booking flow


First of all I divided navigation in 2.
In the white nav I left the logo, buttons for login/signup, choice of language and contacts.
In the red one I entered the items relating to rental services and other items relating to company information.
In this way the user has the opportunity to orientate himself more logically on the website.
Furthermore, having removed all elements from a single navigation, avoids artifacts in responsive environments.


The booking form didn't need huge changes but only a small update.
I had already intervened, in a previous revision, by changing the size of the selects, the padding of the component and increasing the font-size of the labels.
In this phase I limited myself to resetting the dimensions of the selects and of the cta and changing the gray to a lighter gray.
I knew I was getting the desired contrast by going to work on the background underneath.
In this way we obtained a greater contrast and a more consistent form.


The background image was appropriate for the context, but needed an overhaul to make the whole hero section more appealing.
So I was inspired by a vector element present outside the RentSmart24 offices. (in the yellow box)

I placed the element right behind the form on the left side of the page.
This way I was able to give the right contrast to the main tagline.
At that point I inserted the image after applying a slight red filter and after doing a reflection.